First Post

This post will not be a review.  Instead, I’m going to explain what this blog will be all about.  I plan to review books, both old and newer, and rate them on this 1-5 scale:

  • 1 = Skip
  • 2 = At Your Own Risk
  • 3 = Worth a Try
  • 4 = Recommended Reading
  • 5 = Personal Classic

I’ll include some of my favorites as well as books that are new to me.

Why should my opinion matter, you ask?  I’m not particularly important, but I do love reading and I have two English degrees which don’t make me better than anyone, they just give me some tools evaluate literature and explain books to people.

As I go on, if you like what you see here, add me to your RSS feed so that you’ll get updates when I post new reviews.

Thanks for reading!



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