Reading Resolutions 2014

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I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions. I have goals but struggle to come up with a concise list, and in the odd years when I do write a list I don’t remember to look at it ever again. This year I’ve decided to write a specific list of resolutions here on this blog so that I remember where I put it and anyone who reads it can help hold me accountable. I’m calling them “reading resolutions”.

Reading resolutions are pretty much what they sound like: goals for the year that are related to reading. I’m going to list mine and also some challenges to help start your list of reading resolutions.

My Reading Resolutions for 2014:

This year, I want to focus on stepping out of my reading comfort zone and exploring new or neglected genres, writers, and books. All of these goals relate to reading new books, since I’ve been in a rereading rut for a while. I love rereading books, but there are so many on my shelves that I haven’t read yet.

  • Modern Fiction: read 2 books from 2010 or later

I have a tendency to read classic literature and often do not keep up with modern fiction. I’ve read some here and there, but I would really like to read more of what writers and readers are currently interested in.

  • Graphic Novels/Comics: read 1 new graphic novel or comic

I have read some fantastic graphic novels, and even own a few, but for some reason I haven’t read any in quite some time. I’d like to get back into this genre.

  • Modern Women: read at least 3 novels written by women published since 1950

I’ve always been fascinated by women writers and have learned a lot about history and femininity though them. I have been reading older texts lately and would like to return to some modern women’s voices. This resolution would be separate from the first one, of course.

  • Biographies: read at least 2 biographies or autobiographies this year

I enjoy reading biographies and autobiographies and own probably 5 that I haven’t read yet. It’s time to get those off the shelf and read them!

  • Another Language: work on reading in another language

As a 4th or 5th generation American, I’ve always admired people who can speak and read in more than one language. While speaking another language would be useful, I’m more interested in being able to have a reading understanding so that I can explore books written in other languages. I took Spanish for my language requirements in high school and college so it may be easier to start with, but I do want to be able to read in Russian one day so that I can read my favorite author, Fyodor Dostoevsky, in his original language.

2014 Reading Resolution Challenges:

If you’re looking to set some reading resolutions for this year, here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Read a new genre (or one that you don’t often explore)
  • If you struggle to read, set yourself a number goal (like mine including how many books of one type I’ll read)
  • If you usually read by yourself, try reading with your partner (reading aloud to one another before bed is fun) or join a book club
  • Write about what you read or discuss it with someone else (this can be done in a book club, but doesn’t have to be)


Another great place to look for ideas are “Best of 2013” book lists or lists with suggestions for what to read in 2014.  Here are a few:

Whatever your reading habits are like now, there is always room to create new and interesting reading experiences for yourself in 2014. So, what are your reading resolutions?  Feel free to share some in the comments below!




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5 responses to “Reading Resolutions 2014

  1. These sound like good resolutions. My main resolution is to read Anna Karenina, something I’ve wanted to read forever.

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